If you are honest and work hard you will always be in demand.


All Coast Construction president Michael Grosswendt gives clients the kind of confidence that only comes from a lifetime devotion to personal honesty and fine craftsmanship. Over the last 30 years he has earned a reputation for professionalism, talent, hard work and the integrity that has made All Coast Construction the superior company it is today.

Starting in the business as a fine finish carpenter Mike soon distinguished himself for his eager commitment to excellence by always paying strict attention to every detail. Being the first man on the job and the last to leave, he soon became the “go to man” on the jobsite for many Los Angeles construction companies. A natural leader with a love for the industry, he soon worked his way up to foreman, superintendent and ultimately to the project manager position. In 1994 he decided that he could do it better on his own and formed All Coast Construction.

You will feel comfortable working with Mike and his staff. He is very personable, down to earth and always very helpful. He is attentive, knowledgeable and most of all. . . honest & forthright. You know Mike is always on your side as he consistently strives to protect your interests not just those of the company. He sets realistic expectations before starting a project and keeps you informed throughout the whole process.

With Mike’s love of quality construction, his dedication, his sophisticated knowledge and years of experience, there is no question that he is a great leader in the industry today.

Mike is very approachable and always eager to help. You have the opportunity to communicate with Mike through this website: email Mike