High End Residential Construction

All Coast Construction is the premier source for extraordinary high-end, residential construction from concept through completion. From new construction to room additions, both interior and exterior, we set a standard for excellence, quality, value and integrity.

Building a custom property is a team effort. We provide an organized, productive environment and process in which property owner, architect and designer can effectively communicate and work with our dedicated construction team. This ensures that the project flows smoothly and is completed in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Through open communication and strong oversight, we are able to build exemplary homes using the most talented craftsman, finest materials and the latest building techniques.

The Process, Refined and Defined

Customer service, constant communication, teamwork and transparency are key to the success of every project. In the pre-construction phase we review plans and conduct diligent research. Then we meet with the property owner, the architect and designer to establish budget, further value engineer the project, make bid package recommendations and ultimately submit detailed control estimate using CSI codes. Upon approval we create a comprehensive schedule, and goals to fit the specific requirements of the project and needs of the client. Once a complete understanding between all parties is achieved we assemble the build team and start construction. At every stage of the process we conduct comprehensive weekly meetings for planning, reporting and documenting to verify completion of stated goals in schedule, budget compliance, and safety. 

Additionally, we continually review the control estimate with the design team and property owner to further value engineer the project. Transparency is further achieved through bimonthly progress billings showing exactly where we are with the budget. All detailed bills from subcontractors and suppliers are included with the billing packet, so there are no questions regarding costs incurred. Upon completion of the project we conduct a comprehensive walk through with the property owner and deliver room by room maintenance manuals including equipment details and care instructions.

We also offer custom preventative maintenance service contracts through our Estate Maintenance Division.


Typical staff assigned to each project


Stays apprised of all facets of the project though on site visits and weekly meetings with project manager, superintendant, architect, designer, subcontractors and business manager/owner as needed.

Project Manager

Manages the construction budget and schedule.


Full time superintendent that manages the technical day to day construction operations. 


We typically obtain a minimum of three bids from our large pool of qualified pros that get the job done right and on time.


Keep the job site organized, clean and safe, and help contain costs by preparing the site for subcontractors and taking care of final details once subcontractors have completed their work.


Estimator, budgeting, material acquisition, change orders, weekly meetings, meeting minutes, walk throughs, action item list and invoicing.

Definition to CSI codes

CSI is a national association dedicated to creating standards and formats to improve construction documents and project delivery through better communication. The organization is unique in the industry because its members are a cross section of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors and building materials suppliers. CSI provides these codes for the construction community to share definitions and increase understanding of the issues, terminology and documents that drive commercial construction.